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The Taxonomy of Illusion


An Evening with Terence McKenna at UC Santa Cruz hosted by the student organization Millbrook West. Professor Ralph Abraham, the famous chaos theorist mathematician, informed and introduced Terence to the large bright audience. “Taxonomy” defined as classification, especially in relation to its general laws and principles; that department of science or subject, which consists in or relates to classification. Terence amusingly articulates by enumerating examples of the varied forms of illusions by which humans are entertained, intrigued and frightened. This talk is a particularily anecdotal way to approach the study of the imaginal, the illusive and anomalous. Terence McKenna, informs and delights his audiences through many media. As an accomplished author of more than four major works of fiction and non-fiction depending on one’s belief system; voice of at least three hundred audio and video titles; and participant in numberous popular CD’s, Terence is infiltrating the mind at large with his outlandish theories at an alarming pace. This talk is presented in a two audio cassette album, #A1050-93 or in a 120 minute video, #V500-93.

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